Parrot Dressing Table Set

£51.50 £45.00


A four piece decoupage set, including a Wooden Tissue Box Holder, LED Candle, Glass Coaster and a Shell Trinket Dish.

Each item has been decorated with a parrot decoupage design, to include 3 layers of varnish and finished with gold edging.

This matching set, would look great on any dressing table or indeed, in any room of the house.

Trinket Dish: 12/13 cm wide – varies slightly as made with real shells.

Coaster: 10cm wide

LED Candle: 10cm tall

Purchasing these items individually, would cost £51.50, but we have applied a discount for the purchase of all four together as a set.

None of these products should ever be soaked in water or scrubbed with abrasives. To clean, simply wipe with a damp cloth.